How Low Do You Go? The Squat Paradigm (Practical and lecture)

Squatting is perhaps one of the most natural movements to man, yet this this topic has
generated so much controversy in the fitness world. From personal trainers to
physiotherapist and even movement specialists, everyone seems to have a different opinion
on squatting depth, stance and posture. What is deemed safe or dangerous? Where should
force be applied through the movement? And is the ‘butt-wink’ an accident waiting to
This lecture/practical session will breakdown the controversial squat into its constituent
parts from an anatomical, functional and movement perspective, providing valuable insight
on these questions and more.
Think you know the squat? Think again.

Perfect Squats Makes Perfect Brah! (Practical and lecture)

A follow up on the lecture ‘How low do you go – the squat paradigm’ is now about
understanding what actually makes a squat perfect. In fact, would you even know a perfect
squat if you saw one?
This lecture/practical session takes an in-depth look into different squat types based on
biomechanics, bar-loading, athletic function and purpose. We will cover the practical of
setting up, positioning and lifting, as well as delve deeper theoretically into different styles
of periodization to train your perfect squat.
Want to know the WHAT, HOWs, WHYs and HOW-TOs of squatting – then this is a must
attend seminar!

The Complete Fat Loss Solution (Lecture)

The concept of fat loss has been perpetrated with gimmicks, diets, theories and even
supplements, all promising the magic bullet for miraculous fat and weight loss. Our quest
leads us to questions such as “Is spot reduction possible?”, “Does nutrition determine up to
80% of fat loss?”, and “Can I zap fat away with this cream?”. Putting all these questions and
myths to rest with physiology and empirical evidence, this lecture will cover the science
behind effective fat loss and methods for optimally leaning down.

Supplementation for the Optimal Physique: Fact or Fiction (Lecture)

One of the biggest controversy in the fitness and nutrition world revolves around the notion
of supplementation. Should we advocate it or should nutrition just be derived from
consuming whole foods? Movements like the Paleo diet and the Mediterranean diet, to
name a few, has shown not only to improve body composition and promote health, but also
focus heavily on concepts of eating certain food varieties for health rather than taking
supplements. Yet, do supplements have a place in creating an optimal physique?
This lecture delves into the pros and cons of supplementation – the WHAT, WHYs and HOWs
to being at your very physical best.

The Power-bodybuilder – Is Strength Training Necessary
For Aesthetics 

The ‘power-bodybuilder’ is an expression that both, amalgamates the perfect ideal of
strength and aesthetics, yet ironically emphasizes the existing rift between training to be
strong and training to look good. Gone were the days of the classic physiques, like Arnold
and Franco, where strength was a pre-requisite for muscular growth and size, a pre-requisite
to being a successful bodybuilder. Nowadays, we see many bodybuilders avoid strength
training due to fear of injury and for the sheer fact they were never taught to lift heavy. In
fact, what constituted staple training movements during the golden era of bodybuilding such
as the deadlift, rows and squat are too becoming increasingly neglected, and replaced by
fancy machine work isolating each muscle.
This shift in training ideology begs the question. “If an ideal physique can be developed
without having to train heavy, why the need to return to our strength roots?” This lecture
explores why strength training is critical for aesthetics.

10 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Fat (Lecture)

Ever felt like you were giving it your all? Training for hours on end like a soldier on a mission,
and counting every darn calorie but with little or results to show for? It’s no wonder that at
these times, you’ve probably thought of giving up and accepted the fact that you’re just not
genetically gifted to lose fat.
Well, this lecture is about shedding light on that. There is always a reason/s why you are not
losing fat effectively, and most of the time, it’s more than just about training and calorie
counting. If you’re thinking it’s about your genes and slow metabolism, then think again!
Research has shown the impact of ‘nurture’ vs ‘nature’ on creating a healthy, lean physique.
Simply speaking, you CAN LOSE FAT, but do not know how to. So, here are 10 great reasons
why you are not losing fat!

Exercise Readiness & Recovery for Faster Results

Too much stress equals illness, injury, disease and weight gain. If exercise is stress, how do we ensure we aren’t giving our clients too much? How can we, “meet our clients where they need to be met,” appropriately tracking, monitoring, and managing our clients stress intake? Join me as we dive into the beauty of the autonomic nervous system through heart rate variability and objective assessment. We will explore a powerful and simplistic strategy to help you ensure exercise readiness and safety in your client while promoting better stress management. It’s a WIN-WIN for you and your clients!


  • Discuss stress and its effect on the body
  • Discuss heart variability, objective assessments and readiness
  • Demonstrate exercise strategies and techniques that optimize stress management

3-DC – A formula for modifying movement to “personalize” training

PTA Global’s “3DC” is the 3-Dimensional Checkpoints – is a system for progressing, regressing and manipulating movement/exercise for any client.  This was a product of the Gray Institute’s brilliance with movement.  We’ve mapped it to the moSTYLE, or Movement Style of an individual to allow fitness professionals a systemized manner to adjust movements to meet the client’s personality/behavioral preference to help “physically match and emotionally attach” exercise to the client.


  • Learn and practically apply the 3DC system
  • Learn how to determine a client’s “Movement Style”
  • Learn and practically apply variations of a movement based on a client’s movement style

Personal Training Management

Almost eight out of ten of the trainers you hire will have left their job within the first year, most within three months. The successful management of a Personal Training Program has a lot of moving parts.  It starts with recruiting and hiring, then moves into trainer onboarding and education and the most important parts; ongoing trainer education, compensation, and trainer retention.  How do we systematize this process and how do we measure it? 

  • Discuss various recruiting and interviewing methods
  • Discuss the Personal Trainer onboarding and education process and it’s key components
  • Discuss Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) within the Personal Training Department and how to move them.

Start Them Young – Training the Youth

Training children as young as six and into their teens can be not only a very rewarding experience, but a profitable one too!  Children come with both low and high motivation and skill levels. How do you train each youth individually to get the most engagement and ensure parental support? How do we train these youngsters safely and effectively while retaining their attention span? Attend this session and learn!

  • The research and realities of training youth
  • Understand why long-term development vs. short term gains should be your focus
  • Evolving fitness with youth using age-based programming
  • Learn when to delegate, direct, guide or inspire based on each child

HIIT for Fit and Fat

High Intensity Interval Training, most commonly known as HIIT training continues to increase in popularity.  What exactly is HIIT training? How does it benefit your clients physiologically and how can it create setbacks? Is HIIT for everyone? Come learn not only the physiology of HIIT, but the proper application and how it can benefit your clients.


  • Learn how HIIT affects the cardiovascular and muscular systems
  • Understand the heart rate zones most effective for HIIT programming
  • Learn programming and heart rate monitoring techniques
  • Understand the negative effects that can be associated with HIIT

Going Long- Endurance Training

The fastest growing activity globally is running.  Duathlon and triathlon events are rapidly growing in popularity as well. The down-side to that is most endurance training is done outdoors or in a pool, not in a gym, where trainers usually work.  How do we tap into this endurance training craze and help our clients become better at it?


  • Overview of common endurance-related activities
  • Learn basic physiology of endurance programming
  • Learn programming strategies for preventing injuries
  • Overview of most common periodization models for endurance programming

BOSU® Pilates Core Power

Evolve your core training and take it to the next level!  Fusing elements of Pilates, experience an integrated approach to moving from your own powerhouse and the relationship to total body strength, balance, and power.  Tackle your complete core in 6 body positions and walk away with functional and unique ideas to ass to your workouts.  Utilizing the unique properties of the BOSU® Balance Trainer, dive deep into core stability and mobility as you learn movement complexes and strategies to build core strength, as well as improve performance and function.

Beyond Bootcamp by Hedstrom Fitness

Using athletic drills worthy of the challenge, experience a bootcamp that is exhilarating, skill driven, and crazy creative.  Take ordinary bootcamp workouts above and beyond by offering unique exercise stations, transitions that create an event, and partner/tram drills that provide community and friendly competition.  Although the theme is “bootcamp”, the crossover into sports training is applicable, adaptive and interchangeable.  Beyond Bootcamp goes far beyond the basics and offer enough variations to last all year!

InTENsity by Hedstrom Fitness

TEN exercises, TEN reps, TEN rounds!  This ferocious ladder approach increases in duration and intensity with each round – and you never have to answer the question “how many?”  This concept can be use in a one-on-one or group format by coaching the workout in a unison format or moving clients from station to station for interaction and team spirit.  You’ll learn a multitude of “TEN” drills to plug into the ladder template – with dynamic coaching techniques tying all together.

Move Better – Lift Better

Sponsored by Power Plate® (Workout)

Lifting weights to increase maximal strength and/or gain muscular hypertrophy has always been at the forefront of most peoples desired training methods to engage in – for trainers and clients alike. But what if you could access MORE strength – or MORE hypertrophy?….Piqued your curiosity yet?…Using whole body vibration, we can create more joint ‘space’ for you to move into, hydrate tissue to enhance their contractile glide/slide and activate ALL muscles to contribute to your lifting environment – the net result is more strength/muscle. Attending this workshop will be the ‘missing’ piece in your training ‘jigsaw’ to date.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn how whole body vibration can “potentiate” YOU and your LIFTS. Apply best practice techniques for the ‘major’ lifts in a strength training environment.
  • See how your strength/movement outcome is truly optimized for best possible results for you (the personal trainer) and your clients alike. This workshop is NOT to be missed.

Power Plate and Surge – Functional Movement Integration

Sponsored by Power Plate® (Workout)

Loaded movement training with the Surge combined with the reflective environment of whole body vibration can create a unique movement experience. Using the universal language of movement and a functional compass combined with Power Plate to create task driven reactions in the body up-regulates the nervous system and creates dynamic, multi-dimensional stimuli. Loaded movement training with the Surge will be used on the Power Plate and on the ground and attendees will experience how to build a movement matrix to create tri-plane loading and unloading using Surge tilting, lifting, flipping and shifting patterns to augment authentic movement responses and sequencing.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn about the benefits of Loaded Movement Training (Surge) and whole body vibration training (Power Plate) and how they complement each other.
  • Learn how to build a movement matrix using the Surge and Power Plate.

Recover Quicker- Perform Better and Live Longer

Sponsored by Power Plate® (Workshop)

Recovery in the fitness arena is either overlooked, forgotten about or it is simply dismissed as a waste of time. This really couldn’t be further from the truth. Training WITHOUT recovery – simply put – accelerates DEATH. Hard hitting maybe, but it’s the truth when you look at what happens on a cellular level. Learn how and why this is so, so you never make the same mistake again. Using whole body vibration. We will show you how to ‘offset’ the above and promote relaxation and anti-ageing.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn what happens at the level of the ‘cell’ when you do or do not implement recovery in training.
  • Learn and apply techniques to improve this facet in your own training arena.
  • Fully appreciate why whole body vibration accelerates these techniques for optimal conditioning
Warming Up: the ‘RAMP’ way (Practical)

10 minutes on a cross trainer and a few stretches is NOT a ‘warm up’.

Your warm ups will never be the same again, and no two warm ups will be the same as each other if you join Mark for this fun and effective practical session. You will be given all the tools that you need to be able to make each client warm up routine specific to them and to the requirements of each individual session…which will dramatically enhance their progress.

Forget Strength, let’s build POWER! (Lecture)

The key to unlocking someone’s athleticism is to make them more powerful.

During this presentation Mark will simplify the process of making someone more powerful and teach you how to utilise this information with your clients.

If you work with anyone who plays any sports, from complete beginners to a world class professional standard, this is a session NOT to miss. Of course this is just as useful to any clients that do not participate in sports also.

The Kettlebell is King; Long live the King. (Practical)

The kettlebell is one of the most incorrectly used items in the gym.

When used correctly it is arguably the most useful and versatile tool at your disposal. All the more reason to join Mark for this practical session which will teach you how to get the most out of certain exercises such as the Swing, the Windmill and the Turkish Get Up.

Surviving The Industry (Lecture)

90% of all fitness professionals fail within their first 12/18 months.

During this never-before-seen presentation Mark will share with you the key areas that most fitness professionals neglect which prevents them from succeeding. If you can follow these simple steps then you and your business will be in a much stronger position to achieve long term success.

Developing a fitness brand, marketing it and making money from it (Lecture)

No matter how good you are at training people you need to earn a living.

The way you dress, the way you act, the way you speak, the things you post on social media and the things people say about you behind your back are all crucial elements of your brand. During this lecture Mark will help you to identify the key steps in establishing your personal brand, the best way to make people aware of it…and ultimately how to get them to ask you to take their money.

Writing: The greatest tool that you are NOT currently maximizing (Lecture)

To really stand out from your competitors you need to be seen as an ‘authority’.

The best way to make this happen is for your blogs and articles to be seen in well-known publications. This is not an easy achievement but there are some easy ways to fast-track the process. During this lecture Mark will explain how you can write in a scientifically proven way that will influence your readers and leave them with no option other than to see you as an authority figure. When this happens, every publication will want to feature your writing.

Lean & Glow in 5 Days Workshop and Courses

Session 1

  • Principles (What, When, Why)
  • Food and Support Spa Therapies
  • Plus, visual example of 1-Day template meal
Duration: 75-90min
  • Anyone – Open to Public, physique athletes, trainers & coaches, models, entertainers, men & women who want to level-up
  • Businesses – Cooks & chefs, nutritionists who want to learn diet for BEAUTY & AESTHETICS, meal service providers, spa owners
  • FitCon Delegates – FREE
  • FCM Session Only Attendee – PHP 2,000
  • Outside of FitCon MNL – PHP 2,500

Session 2

*Prerequisite: Session 1
  • (HOW) 1-Day Template Meals
  • Food prep DEMO CLASS
Duration: 2 ½ hours
  • Anyone – Open to Public, physique athletes, trainers & coaches, models, entertainers, men & women who want to level-up
  • Businesses – Cooks & chefs, nutritionists who want to learn diet for BEAUTY & AESTHETICS, meal service providers
  • FitCon Delegates – FREE
  • FCM Session Only Attendee – PHP 4,000
  • Outside of FitCon MNL – PHP 5,000

Spinal Decompression Therapy Using Simple Yoga Movement

(75 min workshop session: 20% theory 80% practice)

Statistics from the US show that yoga has a 98% improvement ratio on back disorders. In this session we will learn simple yogic techniques for spinal decompression. This is not only applicable for disc herniation/ degeneration sufferers but also beneficial knowledge for anyone who wants to improve the mobility and flexibility of their spine. 

Why Can’t I touch My Toes? Yoga Exercises for better lower body mobility

(75 min workshop session: 10% theory 90% practice)

For most modern people with active lifestyles, hamstrings and lower back have a tendency to be tight, leading to discomfort, pain and lack of mobility over time. In this session you will learn a Hamstring and Lower Back Routine to loosen up these areas. Handouts will be given.

Pranayama: The Yogic Science of Breath

(75 min workshop session: 20% theory 80% practice)

How does Pranayama work and how does proper/ improper breathing affect your internal health? In this session, Yogafirst Lead trainer Peewee Sanchez will discuss the anatomy of breathing and teach you some breathing techniques from yoga for health of vital organs and management of nervous system issues and stress. 

Yoga Techniques for Shoulder Mobility

(75 min workshop session: 20% theory 80% practice)

Lack of mobility in the shoulders can lead to neck pain as well as RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). In this session we will look at the anatomy of the neck and shoulder in order to pinpoint causes of lack of mobility experienced by most people. Next you will learn simple stretches and mobility exercises to address each area that you can prescribe to your clients. 

Yoga for Weightloss

(75 min workshop session: 30% theory 70% practice)

Increase the weightloss potential of your yoga class with these simple theories and a practical explanation of how yoga can directly make you loose weight using Ayurvedic Pricniples and Yoga Sequencing Theory. In the practice section of this session Peewee Sanchez, lead trainer of Yogafirst will take you through a typical weightloss oriented yoga class. 

Balance Training

(75 min workshop session: 10% theory 90% practice)

Though it might not cross your mind, you need good balance to do just about everything. Balance is more than just legs and core but also a mental connection with empowerment, emotional security and confidence: all of which can be gained from yoga balance training routines.It also involves training your brain to accept that certain movement patterns are possible. In this session we will not only go thru a fun balance routine involving the whole body, but also learn some tricks to staying more stable not only during the workout but also in life. 

Yoga Integration for Fitness Clubs

(75 min workshop)

Capturing the yoga market will help your gym of fitness studio increase its membership base. Join Peewee Sanchez, former Regional Yoga Trainer for Fitness First Middle East as she shares some insider secrets on the successful integration of Yoga in your fitness business. In this session we will explore ideas of how to make your gym more yoga friendly in order to capture this often times elusive and picky market. Also industry tips for studio, equipment, and yoga class management. Q & A section after the session. 

INSURG3NT by Hedstrom Fitness

This tri-peak programming exposes the fitness rebel in you!  Using the very best functional training equipment, revel in a triple mix of changing base of support, unpredictable resistance, and clashing energy systems.  Riot across three reactive resistance complexes mixing timed intervals and team pursuits, taking on movement patterns designed to test power, strength, speed, and balance.  Break out of your current bootcamp construct and take pleasure in revolutionizing the way you use functional equipment.

BOSU® Sport C.A.M.P.

Amplify fitness and athleticism with a high-energy training template that will optimize results for all fitness levels.  Learn the unique Sport C.A.M.P. movement complexes that focus on Core, Agility, Metabolic, and Power drills that progress and regress in intensity and complexity.  Come prepared to be challenged with advanced training techniques, enhance your exercise library and accelerate results!

Beyond Bootcamp by Hedstrom Fitness

Using athletic drills worthy of the challenge, experience a bootcamp that is exhilarating, skill driven, and crazy creative.  Take ordinary bootcamp workouts above and beyond by offering unique exercise stations, transitions that create an event, and partner/tram drills that provide community and friendly competition.  Although the theme is “bootcamp”, the crossover into sports training is applicable, adaptive and interchangeable.  Beyond Bootcamp goes far beyond the basics and offer enough variations to last all year!

InTENsity by Hedstrom Fitness

TEN exercises, TEN reps, TEN rounds!  This ferocious ladder approach increases in duration and intensity with each round – and you never have to answer the question “how many?”  This concept can be use in a one-on-one or group format by coaching the workout in a unison format or moving clients from station to station for interaction and team spirit.  You’ll learn a multitude of “TEN” drills to plug into the ladder template – with dynamic coaching techniques tying all together.

Regenerative Health: A New Business Solution 

Find your niche, expand your skill-set, and watch your business grow. With the personal training and coaching professions continuing to grow, it can be extremely advantageous to begin specializing your skill-set and establish your expertise in a given area to set yourself apart. One of the rapidly growing specialty areas is in Regenerative Health. Join me as I take you on a journey to explore the concept and the power of Regenerative Health and how it can dramatically impact the industry and your career.

Programming Strategies to Help the Senior Population Move, Feel, Live Better

One of the fastest growing populations in the Health, Fitness, and Wellness Industry is the Senior Population. This is a savvy and affluent population that often requires special attention to detail and knowledge. In this session we will focus on addressing the aches and pains that most seniors experience. Come with me as I walk you through new and innovative practical applications for managing and relieving pain as well as immediately enhancing movement in the senior population

REVIVE: SOMA Small Group Experience

Give your body what’s it’s craving… a revival. Come #feelSOMA with me in this group workout session that will REVIVE the tissues of your body by decreasing inflammation and increasing muscle activation to help you #MoveFeelLivebetter through the use of multiple techniques in this SOMA REVIVE experience. You’ll walk away feeling like a new person!

Build a Better Squat

Squatting is arguably the most important movement patterns we possess! In this session we will dig into the mechanics of the squat and how to enhance our body’s ability to perform a squat more effectively and efficiently. We will practice some powerful movement enhancement techniques that you can immediately use to help others regain and maintain the ability squat effortlessly.

RELIEVE Runner’s Knee

If you or someone you know is a runner, then you know how demoralizing a sore knee can be. Join me as I show you some quick hacks to help decrease the pain and increase the gain so you can get back on the road again!

Professional Development: Setting Your Personal Culture

Culture influences outcome and is the key to creating lasting change! This holds true for us personally as well. We must create a personal culture that promotes a healthy internal and external environment for us so that we can flourish in the face of life’s obstacles. Come on a journey that explores the mind, behavior, and some ways you can make a shift in the right direction to continue to grow personally and professionally!

MINI Stability Ball™ Workshop

Brighten up your workout and feel energized with the lively orange Mini Stability Ball™! The Mini Stability Ball™ meets our Pilates workout to create total-body strengthening and conditioning. Exercises work on improving posture with a major focus on core stability and back mobility while also lengthening and strengthening the surrounding muscles. Keeping the elements of the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles in mind, learn how to add variety and fun to traditional Matwork routines.

Learning objectives:

  1. Apply STOTT PILATES®Five Basic Principles to exercises using the Mini Stability Ball.
  2. Challenge balance, stability and control on the mat.
  3. Create variety and challenge while focusing on alignment and movement quality.
  4. Learn cues and corrections for safety and effectiveness.

Format:                                    Workshop

Time required:                         2 hours

Level of Difficulty:                   Essential