Meet the awesome line up of Fitness Industry experts coming down to FitCon MNL 2018!

Andy Leuterio
Entrepreneur, Maximus Café

In the late ’90s, Andy started writing part-time for a local car magazine to fund his obsession with scale-model cars. He was involved in a racing accident in 1999, after which he decided to just stick to automotive writing.

He took up triathlon in 2003, so he kept writing about cars to buy bicycle parts. Seven years later, he was already a triathlon coach. Fitness coaching—not motoring journalism—helped with the bills and monthly car payments.

In 2016, he opened a bicycle store called Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café, the Philippines’ first (and apparently biggest) cycle café. After just a year in operation, the store added Maximus Cycle Studio, also the country’s first indoor smart trainer studio.

Andy is still writing and coaching, hopefully to help him restore his aging 2001 Chevrolet Suburban.

Andy’s workshop at FitCon MNL | 5: Professionalize Your Passion: How We Started a Cycle Café in a Cutthroat Industry.

Audrey Fourcade
Fitness Industry Specialist, Nike Trainer for NTC Program

Audrey Fourcade started fitness at 16 years old, won the French Fitness Championship at 18, and decided after to pursue fitness as a profession.  In more than 19 years, she has been teaching fitness  and has travelled all over the world for fitness conventions, and training other instructors. She does Les Mills programs, circuits, and personal training but her specialties are Step, Aerobic  and Dance. With her experience as a dancer, she always brings some dance moves to the fitness classes she teaches. After a long stint in the best gyms in Paris, she decided to move to Dubai four years ago to face new challenges, meet new people and get out of her comfort zone. She loves to push people to their limits, using humor all the time. She loves sports in general and loves to try new things. She believes sport helps us be stronger in life in general. Dance always inspires because beauty and strength communicate together.

Audrey’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: FREESTYLE STEP:  Go Back To Basics, Advance In Choreography; FREESTYLE STEP: Asymmetric and Symmetric Step Fusion; House Dance Technique Session; Keeping the Momentum in Dance Fitness

Benjamin Siong
Director, Australian Strength Performance

Benjamin Siong is the Founder of Australian Strength Performance, Australia’s premiere training and education company focused on four main areas: athletic performance, physique transformations, sports psychology and optimal nutrition.

Having graduated with an honours degree in psychology, Ben is also a level 5 Poliquin Strength Coach, ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist and a highly sought after international fitness presenter. His expertise lies in combining specific training protocols with optimal nutrition and supplementation – all individualized and specifically tailored to help the athlete accelerate their progress and achieve their goals.

He has worked with top international athletes in a variety of different sports, as well as with champion bodybuilders, fitness models and pageant queens, including Miss Australia 2011 and Miss Malaysia 2012. He is contactable on www.trainasp.com.au.

Ben’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: How Low Do You Go? The Squat Paradigm; Perfect Squats Makes Prefect Brah!; The Complete Fat Loss Solution; Supplementation for Optimal Physique: Fact or Fiction; The Power-bodybuilder—Is Strength Training Necessary for Aesthetics? ; Prepping the Female Fitness Competitor; 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Fat.

Connie Colson
Head, PILOXING® Asia

Connie is a Sino - Kadazandusun from Sabah living in Hong Kong. Her professional background includes the hotel and hospitality industry, media broadcasting, events and advertising. She found her passion for fitness and wellness through recovery from water sport injuries. Connie is a certification specialist for AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America) primary group exercise certification, dance-fitness, aqua fitness and mind-body program presenter. Connie is the Head of PILOXING® ASIA caring for the Education, Workshop Department and Business Development for the region. She is also the owner of Air.O2 fitness and wellness education provider in Hong Kong.

Connie’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: PILOXING® Concert – Experience All 4 Of PILOXING Programs

Dan Duran
Executive Vice President, PTA Global

Dan is currently the Director of Education & Global Business Development for PTA Global. He has over 25 years’ experience in training and training management including roles as the Fitness Director at Midtown Athletic Club in Georgia and Yuba City Racquet Club in California, where his teams grew revenue exponentially. Prior to working in the fitness industry, he worked for the state of California for twenty-two years where he managed statewide training for 400 law enforcement officers and 200 trainers, including being the director and an instructor at a state police academy and adjunct faculty at several colleges. Dan is an ultra-triathlete, having completed several Ironman’s, a Double Ironman in under 36 hours and a Triple Ironman in under 60 hours.  He is currently training for a quintuple in 2018 where he will do five Ironman’s within five days.

Dan’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: Start Them Young—Training the Youth; Personal Training Management; Exercise Readiness & Recovery for Faster Results; A formula for modifying movement to “personalize” training; HIIT for Fit and Fat; Going Long- Endurance Training

Daniel Remon
Founder & CEO

Daniel is the Founder of Fitcorp Global, a results driven integrated health, fitness and peformance company.

Daniel holds a degree in Human Movement Science (B. HMSc) Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology and Sports Management from Australia Daniel consults with leading health professionals and global companies to deliver life-changing results and effective business systems. 

A pioneer of the Fitness Industry in Asia for more than 20 years, he has developed multiple health companies including Allied Sports Performance & Athletic Training Academy (ASPATA) to certify and educate fitness professionals, Aspire Club, Lifestyle Health Retreats and FitCorp Wellness. Daniel has also been the Technogym Master Trainer throughout APAC since 2009 and helped managed the Olympic Training Facilities for the London Olympics and Singapore Youth Olympic Games.

Daniel's workshops at FitConMNL|5: How to Build a Six Figure Group Training Empire and How to Attract & Retain High End Personal Training Clients.

Divine Masinsin
Co-Founder, Dynamic Duo Inc.

Divine is a Bachelor in Physical Education graduate of the College of Human Kinetics in the University of the Philippines.  With a background in dance and regional competitive table tennis, her passion for movement and the sciences behind it has motivated her to purse a career in fitness. 

In her 18 years in the industry, she has gone through the career spectrum starting as a junior fitness instructor in Fitness First Philippines and then becoming a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, Group Exercise Manager, and Master Trainer for multiple international brands in the Middle East.

Bringing back that passion to the Philippines, she recently set up a company with Rica Rodriguez, Dynamic Duo Inc., to provide and deliver fitness education in the Philippines.

Divine’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: InTENsity by Hedstrom Fitness; BOSU® Pilates Core Power; Beyond Bootcamp by Hedstrom Fitness; TriggerPoint MB5 Assessments to Performance – Shoulder Complex; INSURG3NT by Hedstrom Fitness


Garnet Suidy
Master Trainer, bodyART

Garnet spent most of his life as a competitive figure skater, and has been fortunate enough to experience and study many different styles of movement and therapy around the globe working with various coaches and professionals in many different fields, including: bodyART, Pilates, yoga, skating, strength and conditioning, dance, martial arts, acrobatics, performing arts and osteopathy. He believes that engaging and challenging your body, as well as your mind, in as many ways as possible is key to accessing potential and developing a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Garnet is a Rehabilitative Manual Therapist, an independent practitioner who is fully insured, graduating from the  Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. Rehabilitative Manual Therapists have extensive backgrounds in Health Sciences, which include anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biomechanics, principle-based treatment protocol and therapeutic relations.

Garnet’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: bodyART Best Age; Structure and Function; From Athlete to Ally – A journey from competitive sport to holistic health; bodyART Strength; G Your Heart Out, Groove!; bodyART Flow; bodyART Extreme (BAX); Conscious Movement; bodyART Structure.

Glenn Ang
Master Trainer, Power Plate & Director of RAW Active

Glenn, B.Sc, 3DMAPS, CAFS, is the founder/ director of RAW Active (Singapore), 2017 AFC Personal Trainer of the Year, Master Trainer for Power Plate®, Educator for Gray Institute, Master Instructor for EBFA Global and Master Trainer for UNIFIT Academy (China). His passion in health coaching and Applied Functional Science has helped people to improve their lifestyle and move painlessly.

Glenn’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: Move Better – Lift Better (Workout) Sponsored by Power Plate®; Power Plate & Surge - Functional Movement Integration (Workout) Sponsored by Power Plate®; 3DMAPS - A sneak peak at 3D Movement Analysis & Performance System with the Gray Institute; Recover Quicker- Perform Better and Live Longer (Workshop) Sponsored by Power Plate

Mark Laws
Director of Education, Clarity

Mark has worked full time in the fitness industry since 2006, and worked in a coaching capacity since 1999. During this time he has helped thousands of people to enhance their ability to go about their daily lives - from professional athletes to the most average members of the public. He believes that the best evolution for the fitness industry is to go back to absolute basics: to move how our bodies have evolved to move, to perform a wide range of movement patterns with varying degrees of intensity and complexity that are appropriately suited for whatever our lives dictate that we require. The key to making this happen is to ensure greater education for fitness professionals, and for people to be brave enough to ignore the latest fads and trends in favor of a more educated approach.

Mark’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: Developing a fitness brand, marketing it and making money from it; Surviving The Industry; Forget Strength, let’s build POWER!; Warming Up: the ‘RAMP’ way; The Kettlebell is King; Long live the King; Writing: The greatest tool that you are NOT currently maximizing.

Nadine Tengco
Author & Diet Coach to the stars, Sexy Beast

Author and diet coach to the stars, Nadine develops healthy food recipes, detox juices and programs in healthy cooking, eating and living.  Known as the “Level-Up Guru,” her clients include a mix of the country’s who’s who and top celebrities like Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff, KC Concepcion, Jessy Mendiola, Karen Davila, Isabelle Daza, John Lloyd Cruz, Georgina Wilson, Paulo Avelino, James Reid, Iza Calzado, Dawn Zulueta and many more.

Nadine has a robust track record as the country’s top food coach and health chef who co-authored the Century Superbod Abs Plan and the Superbod Abs Diet, which helped transform many Pinoys here and abroad. At 51 years old, she still slays in a bikini, and is the embodiment of her new book, “Sexy at Any Age,” released in summer 2017.

Nadine created many of the diet programs of the Belo group, The Sexy Chef, and other exclusive establishments. She was also the resident food coach of the Biggest Loser Philippines, the Philippine Olympic Commission and Philippine Taekwondo Association. As a Chef, she holds regular lifestyle cooking classes at the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA). 

Nadine’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: Course 1 Slim & Glow In 10 Days; Course 2 Lean & Glow In 5 Days; Course 3 Before The Big Day “Cooking Workshop”.

Prince Paltu-ob
Education Specialist & International Convention Presenter, Zumba

Prince spent many years training in Taiwan. Although he is best known for Locking, he is also skilled in Popping and Hiphop. His mentors in hiphop are the Philippine Allstars. He is currently a member and head of Tha Project, the founder of the first Filipino funkstyle group, PinoyFunkin Style and the trainer of Collab Crew. He competed in Juste Debout in Paris France (2010) and Max Party in Taiwan (2010 and 2011). He won in the 1 on 1 Popping and Locking Category of The Illest Cypher, Singapore (2010) and Universal Tatoo Club Freestyle Street Dance Battle (2011).

Prince’s workshop at FitCon MNL | 5: Strong by Zumba.

Rica Rodriguez
Co-Founder, Dynamic Duo Inc.

A graduate of Bachelor of Sports Science from the College of Human Kinetics in the University of the Philippines, Rica has always been a natural mover, with dance as an exception (extra effort had to be given in this department!).

She has worked in Fitness First Philippines early in her career as a junior fitness instructor, personal trainer and group exercise instructor before moving to the UAE to be the pioneer team for Fitness First Middle East. It was in the Middle East that she moved on to management and senior management roles while being a master trainer for several international fitness brands. Together with Divine, they have both been part of the Illustrado's 100 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf for 2015 and 2016.

The passion to mentor and groom the next generation of fitness leaders has led her and Divine to open Dynamic Duo Inc, a fitness education company in the Philippines.  From this company, FitCon MNL was then conceptualized and is what it is now.

Rica's workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: InTENsity by Hedstrom Fitness; Beyond Bootcamp by Hedstrom Fitness; The GX-Factor: Do You Have What It Takes to be an Inspiring Coach On & Off Stage; INSURG3NT by Hedstrom Fitness; TriggerPoint MB5 Assessments to Performance – Hip Complex; BOSU® Sport C.A.M.P.  


Rodney Corn
Co-Founder, Feelsoma

Rodney has nearly 30 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industry as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, therapeutic exercise tech, international educator and presenter, author, researcher, and adjunct faculty member of University of San Francisco and California University of Pennsylvania.

Rodney has developed and implemented some of the most innovative and practical education in the Fitness Industry. He was the primary contributor to the development and implementation of two of the world’s leading Personal Training Certifications – NASM and PTA Global. He designed, developed, and co-authored the NASM CPT & NASM CES textbook and workshops, as well as trained the master instructor team to teach them. He was also one of the Co-Founders of PTA Global, and in conjunction with good friend and Neuropsychologist Dr. Roy Sugarman and long-time friend and fellow PTA Global Co-Founder, Bobby Cappuccio, has co-authored the book Client Centered Training: A Trainer and Coach’s Guide to Motivating Clients.

Most currently, and along with long-time friend and fellow Co-Founder of PTA Global, Ian O’Dwyer, Rodney is the Co-Founder of SOMA (Self Osteo-Myofascial Applications). SOMA is a new collaborative educational endeavor that promotes Regenerative Health through multiple applications, tools, and techniques designed to help everyone move, feel, live better by creating better body-brain communication.

Rodney has also developed numerous specialty educational courses and programming for the industry in the areas of Weight Loss & Obesity, Sports Performance, Corrective Exercise, Youth and Older Adult Training, and Golf, as well as contributing to a number of research studies on Falls Prevention in the Older Adult population.

Rodney has trained a wide variety of clients ranging from all backgrounds and age groups including the blind and quadriplegic, to Olympic, collegiate and professional athletes, to the everyday person with aches and pains.

Rodney’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: Regenerative Health: A New Business Solution; Programming Strategies to Help the Senior Population Move, Feel, Live Better; REVIVE: SOMA Small Group Experience; RELIEVE Runner's Knee; Professional Development: Setting Your Personal Culture; Build a Better Squat.

Tony Howett
COO, Power House Fitness Club

Tony is originally from London, England. This is where he realised his passion for Health and Fitness into an exceptional career spanning over the last 16 years. He has industry experience at a national level across the UAE, the Philippines and Malaysia and at a regional level in more recent years across South East Asia.

He has come through commercial fitness and sales channels with a proven track record of improving performance and building high performance teams. He developed the personal training business and has trained and mentored hundreds of personal trainers for Fitness First in Asia. He was a pioneer of their progression into the Middle East and has extensive Club Management experience across multiple sites and has been a National Sales trainer.

He holds numerous PT qualifications including the ACSM Exercise Leader, a diploma in personal training, sports massage and injury rehabilitation. Tony has also graduated as a Certified Master Performance Coach (CMPC).

Tony’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: Indestructible goals for a better business…and life (two-part lecture).

Vivian Zapanta
Meritthew™ Lead Instructor Trainer, Franklin Method Level 3 Movement Educator

A Philippine icon in the fitness industry, studio owner Vivian Zapanta is a Merrithew™ Lead Instructor Trainer for STOTT PILATES® and Total Barre®. As a Lead Instructor Trainer Vivian is qualified to teach and train other Merrithew™ Instructor Trainers through numerous workshops and train would be Pilates instructors. She is the first and only Franklin Method Educator for Level 3.

Vivian is a well-respected fitness professional in the Philippines. She has trained instructors from all over the world. Amongst the many accomplishments that she has achieved are the following:

  • First Merrithew™ Instructor Trainer for Mat & Reformer in Asia, Aug 22,2003
  • First Merrithew™  Instructor Trainer for Cadillac, Chair & Barrels in Asia, Sept 3, 2004
  • First Merrithew™  Instructor Trainer for ISP in Asia, Nov 16, 2005
  • First Merrithew™  Instructor Trainer for Group Mat & Group Reformer in Asia, 2008
  • First and only Franklin Method Educator Level 3 in the Philippines, September 2011
  • First and only ACE (American Council on Exercise) “Gold” Certified Personal Trainer since June 1990
  • First ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Group Exercise Instructor since July 1989
  • First and only Woman Body Building President of the Philippines in 1989 and Ms. Philippines in Body Building, 1988.

 Vivian’s workshops at FitCon MNL | 5: STOTT PILATES® Mini Stability Ball™ Workout; STOTT PILATES® Postural Analysis Review; Pelvic Power Franklin Method.