Pre & Post Convention Courses

Physique Transformation Level 1

with Benjamin Siong

Date: May 17, 2018

Cost: PHP 15,000

Includes one (1) training session, attendance certificate

Provides a more in-depth understanding of Physique Transformation. This Includes the science of fat loss, muscle gain as well as other physiological factors to consider for optimal physique transformations. The course will specifically cover:

The course provides participants a more in- depth understanding on Physique Transformation. This includes the science of fat loss, muscle gain as well as other physiological factors to consider for optimal physique transformations. It will delve into areas such as program design, training protocols, nutrition, supplementation and the appropriate application of protocols. The course will include one practical training session and will specifically cover:

  • Program design for specific muscle gain and fat loss

  • Individualisation of specific training protocols

  • Common mistakes in the fat loss equation and the effects on gender differences

  • Physiological factors to consider

o   Digestion and effective nutrient assimilation

o   Gut health, fat loss and muscle gain

o   Nutrition and the role of calories – is that the end all and be all?

o   Supplementation and nutrient timing

  • Mindset and physique maintenance

  • Application of training protocols

bodyART Level 1 Certification Course

with Garnet Suidy

Date: May 21-24, 2018 

Cost: PHP 40,000 + USD 100 (Online Content)

Includes four (4) master classes, practical exam, theory exam, online content

A fusion of Yoga, Pilates, and therapy – This instructor training course will provide the learner with all the elements and principles of a bodyART class.

Main focus of the course includes understanding Yin and Yang, the different energy phases of movement, breathing, structure of a bodyART class, and how to teach the class staying in the essence.

Fat Loss Specialization Course

with Benjamin Siong

Date: May 21-23, 2018

Cost: PHP 48,000

Includes six (6) theory sessions, six (6) practical training sessions, manual, certification.

If you’re looking to get lean, build lean muscle and lose fat to optimize your body composition, then this seminar is for you. This 3-day intensive course delves into the most effective and updated science, training and nutritional methodologies for effective fat loss. It will include:

  • Training principles for effective fat loss
  • Physiological variables like inflammation, stress, liver health, etc., and their role in fat loss
  • Gender differences, hormones and their role in fat loss
  • Optimal Nutrition for fat loss
  • Supplementation
  • Mindset and reaching goals
  • Practical training and self application

Each day will comprise of two theory sessions and two practical training sessions where participants will be trained through fat-loss specific programming, allowing them to apply the theory they have learnt to their own/clients training protocols.