Who Should Attend?

Personal Trainers

Keep up with the evolving fitness industry and learn how to get more regular clients by getting updated with the latest in workout planning and exercise science.

Group Exercise Instructors

Get inspired by some of the most sought-after instructors as they share tips for getting your classes packed and moving more people towards a fitter lifestyle.

Owner Icon

Club/Studio Owners

Hear from top-level business owners and managers of the fitness industry who’ll share the marketing hacks, social media techniques and management rules they used to make their clubs and studios successful.


Listen to some of the world’s best program directors and managers and learn the best ways to make your gyms more efficient, so you can grow your membership and improve client retention.

Coaches & Athletes

Learn how to maximize every training session and prevent injuries so you can bring athletic performance to a whole new level.

Mind and Body Icon

Mind & Body Professionals

Find new methods to help your classes and individual clients find that deeper connection with themselves.

Nutrition Professionals

Get a better understanding of how hormones, exercise and nutrition work hand in hand to bring people closer to their fitness goals.

Physiotherapists & Nurses

Gain a better understanding of the human body and learn new ways of restoring functional movement in your patients.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Attend classes with master trainers and try the latest workouts and programs in the market. Gain new perspective on what it means to truly be healthy and enjoy the exhibit that will show the best the Philippines has to offer in the fitness world.

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